5 Ways to Charm Up Your Days

Being a broke witch with expensive tastes, sometimes we don’t get to practice witchcraft the way we want to. But that doesn’t mean there’s NOTHING to do; there are plenty of little ways to practice Wicca with easy, every day items and actions – without breaking the bank.

Artist: Cameron McCarthy

Essential Oils

Scents are powerful, and can be used to your advantage, and essential oils are great for that. When picking out your scent for the day, think about what you want to attract from the universe. Luck? Wealth? Confidence? All of the above?

For wealth, look for either cinnamon or lemongrass. Both are scents that are sharp and invigorating.

For relieving anxiety or stress, look for lavender or lemon, proven to ease the mind of worry.

For confidence, look for vanilla or citrus, to awaken your soul and smell like a winner.

For love, look for rose or jasmine. The floral tones accent beauty and desire.

For productivity or creativity, use peppermint or rosemary, to invigorate the senses and clear the mind for new ideas.

To repel bad vibes, try using grapefruit or sage, to cleanse your aura of negativity.

If there are only a few scents you like, or maybe you’re allergic to certain herbs or spices, then the best solution is to find whatever scent is your favourite and wear it. If you’re happy with how you smell, the good vibes will find you.

Crystals and Stones

Crystals and gemstones are believed to bring about vibes and energies, to hold on to them until they are cleansed. Some crystals attract specific energies, while others like to grab whatever they can reach. Picking a crystal or a stone to carry with you doesn’t have to be scary; there are plenty of common, easy to find stones that do the work of many. Just carry it around in your pocket with you to attract what you need for the day.

Amethyst is used to relieve stress, and promotes relaxation, peace, and balance in your life.

Clear quartz is used to boost concentration and memory, and is universally used as a healing stone.

Citrine is for attracting happiness and wealth, and removes toxic vibes from your body.

Pink quarts is used to attract love and forgiveness, and to boost self-esteem.

Black tourmaline is used to boost self-confidence and remove any negative energy or thoughts from the mind.

Tiger’s eye is used to boost luck and prosperity

Clothing Colour

Colours have a big effect on the world; it shows the light and the dark, the beauty, the grace of everything around us. Colours can also be used to send a message to the world, and to attract energies back.

White: to expel evil, to boost healing.

Red: to promote strength and vitality.

Pink: to attract love and harmony.

Orange: to boost optimism and communication.

Brown: to show unity with nature and boost wisdom.

Yellow: to promote learning and attract happiness.

Green: to attract prosperity and promote friendship.

Blue: to attract wealth and promote healing.

Purple: to boost purity and healing.

Black: to rid yourself of negativity.

Silver: to aid with intuition and purity.

Gold: to attract wealth and boost mental strength.

Songs As Spells

As any witch knows, intent is important when casting a spell, and incantations can help to focus your intent and enhance it’s effects greatly. A perfect, simple way to do that is through music.

Lots of older texts and advice from more experienced witches might have you believing that you need to craft some complex verses filled with clever rhymes and whatnot, but Wicca changes with the times, and modern-day spells can be as simple as playing a song and singing along with it. As long as your intent is clear, the lyrics of your chosen song work just as well as any written spell.

If you find yourself needing something to boost your morning commute to work, try making a couple of playlists for the mood you’re in, or the mood you want to be in. Personally, I have at least ten different playlists on my Spotify account, all labeled as a different state of mind I might be in or a mood I would like to be feeling.

For my more joy-filled playlists, I have a lot of my favourite bands, like Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco; I’ve loved their music since high school, so when I listen to any of their songs, my intent to be happy is very clear, and it always cheers me up.

If I’m ever angry or in need of dispelling evil thoughts, I like to listen to a lot of louder music, with heavier sounds or more yelling. Anything from Green Day and My Chemical Romance to heavy foreign bands like Rammstein. If it rattles the windows and pumps adrenaline through my veins, I can clearly picture the negativity in my life being forced out.

If I need a quick confidence boost, like on my way to a job interview, I like to listen to music where the lyrics are more dominant than the sound, something that resounds within my soul. I like to listen to more female artists, feeling the empowerment through songs by Lizzo or P!nk. Anything that makes me feel like I’m in charge, I have the power to change the world around me.

Coffee Charms

For plenty of people, that first cup of coffee is the make-or-break for the day. It’s the first sign in the morning that’ll show just how your day is going to go. Sometimes, though, you might feel like there’s a little something missing, or you might feel like you want the energies in your morning to go a certain way. There are plenty of sweet or spicy things to use as little charms and, sprinkled in with a few choice words, helps guide you through a positive path.

A popular additive is cinnamon. A little sprinkle of cinnamon helps attract luck and prosperity, plus the gentle spice kick doesn’t hurt to keep you awake. If you have an allergy to cinnamon, I’ve found that nutmeg is a wonderful substitute.

For a sweeter taste, go for a piece of chocolate or even a drop of vanilla extract. Flavoured coffees can be expensive, but plenty of bars of chocolate are very nicely priced, and vanilla extract lasts for a very long time. Some chain coffee shops have the option for flavour shots, and I personally enjoy a little caramel or hazelnut in my morning coffee whenever I need a little joy in my mornings.

Dairy substitutes can be used to bless your beverage as well. A little almond or coconut milk brings out a new flavour to your first sip. I personally like to use coconut milk for a richer flavour in my coffee.

As always, intent is the most important thing to imbue into everything you do. Even if you feel like you haven’t any time to do a little charming, or something stops you from being able to, just keep your intent for the day in mind, and you’ll be able to pull in the energies you need from your surroundings. Blessed be, everyone!


Happy Imbolc! 3 Ways To Celebrate The Coming of Spring

Halfway through the winter solstice and the spring equinox is Imbolc, a Gaelic celebration of the reunion of the Maiden Goddess Brigit and the Sun God. It is a celebration of spring, of the cleaning of heart and home, and of renewal and re-birth. There are plenty of traditional ways to celebrate this holiday, such as the making of a Brigid’s Cross, a Besom (traditional witch’s broom), or a Brideo’gas (corn husk doll). I’ve picked my top three favourite things to do to celebrate Imbolc that won’t break your budget.

Imbolc: Celebrating Rebirth

Kitchen Witchery Fun-dimentals

Plenty of times, kitchen crafts and spells can seem daunting, complex, with the large number of ingredients to add to dishes and very specific measurements. But it doesn’t all need to be “one-quarter teaspoon” this, or “mince half a cup of” that. Kitchen witchery is the magic of herbs and spices in everyday meal prepping, cooking, and baking, and it can be as simple or as complex as your little green witch heart desires.

There are plenty of times while im prepping a big meal, or even making a light snack, that I’ll turn on some music. There’s a ritualistic feeling in playing my favourite tunes while making food. Music and singing are fantastic ways to substitute lengthy spells, and a fun way to embue charms of happiness into each bite you take. Your energy and intent is what makes a spell work, so choose songs that you enjoy, to ensure quality and love in your meals.

Whether you’re making coffee in the morning before heading off to work, or scrambling eggs at noon on your day off, there are plenty of inexpensive herbs and spices you could add to ensure an enchanting and enticing meal. Some of my favourites include:

  • Basil: One of my personal favourites is basil, both for its earthy addition to my food, but also for its numerous magical properties: love, abundance, protection, purification, luck, and prosperity.
  • Cinnamon*: A small sprinkle of cinnamon in your morning coffee or hot chocolate will spice up your day, bringing with it a little love, success, protection, money, and psychic awareness. *If you’re allergic to cinnamon, then nutmeg is a good alternative, boosting luck and healing properties.
  • Lavender: Just a touch of lavender goes a long way. Gentle, soothing, beautiful, with the following properties: healing, happoness, sleep, peace, wisdom, and protection. Adding lavender to your tea or sweet treats is the perfect boost for a good night’s rest.
  • Parsley: With just a sprig of parsley added to your dinner, you’ll be adding the following properties to your favourite pasta dish: healing, fertility, love, protection, and prosperity. It also doubles as an excellent hex breaker.
  • Rosemary: If you’re in need of a memory boost, or some help with concentration, then rosemary is the perfect herbal addition. Other properties include cleansing, healing, and protection.
  • Sage: Along with it’s use for purifying homes with its smoke, sage brings plenty of other benefits to your meals, such as healing and psychic awareness. Protection, inside and out.
  • Thyme: The inexpensive magical hybrid of lavender and rosemary, thyme boasts properties of both herbs, such as purification, divination, healing, enhanced memory, and ease of sleep. Looks like its thyme to stock the spice rack!

As much as music and spices can breathe life into any spell or dish, cleansing your workspace is just as important. Take the time to wash whatever dishes and utensils you’ve used, perhaps with a sweetly-scented soap. Remember to wash down any counter space you’ve used, and store everything in its proper place.

Remember; kitchen witchery doesn’t have to be all work and no play. This is your area, and it’s your time to shine.